The Volt Series Smart Watch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices

Make and receive calls from your watch

Built to withstand daily activities and resistant against dirt, dust and sand. Our IP68 waterproof watch is designed with you in mind.

Keep your health in check by measuring your body temperature and blood pressure

Easily access and respond to your messages

Use your Volt Series Watch to monitor your heart during and after daily exercise

Wear overnight to monitor and analyse your sleeping patterns during REM stages

Track your fitness goals and analyse your daily steps and exercise

Connect your Volt Series Smart Watch to the M Active2 app on Android or iPhone to track your progress

Volt Series Smart Watch
Volt Series Smart Watch
Volt Series Smart Watch

Volt Series Smart Watch

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10,000+ Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Wanted a smart watch like this for a while but the price of the big brands puts me off, this is just what I wanted to keep track of my daily steps.

David Simmons

Really pleased with this watch and find myself wearing it most days especially to take to the gym!

Steven Jones

I wear my watch every day, especially when I go for my morning jog, it’s nice to be able to leave my phone at home!

Sara Harvey

Amazing quality it helps me keep an eye on my heart rate but also looks cool on the wrist :-)

Jessica Brown

Love all of the features on this watch, will definitely be getting one for my wife too.

Corey Wallis

Lovely and lightweight on my wrists, I wear mine every day for my yoga lessons

Olivia Turner

I can't believe what a bargain this watch is, has everything you need for a fraction of the big brand price

Sandra Carver

I was recently advised by my Dr to buy a smart watch to track my fitness, I am over the moon with this. It has helped massively on my journey to being fitter.

Mark Peters

I have just taken up hiking as a hobby and wanted something to help me keep track of my heart rate and steps, my watch has been great !

Max Dean